5 Intriguing Facts about Millennials Holiday Purchase


It might be so stressful for you to see how customers behaviour have changed dynamically over time. Today’s travellers is ways much different than traveller from the last decade. Millennials have their own value, which make them unique by having distinct needs and preferences. Therefore, it might makes us need to spend more time and effort to understand their habit.

In hospitality industry, understanding millennials has become more essentials compared in the past. Millennials has been considered future main market, which also be major influencer on hospitality industry start from next 5 years ahead. With travel become one of their lifestyles, it is necessary to able attract their interest to our product. One of ways for it, is by offers product that meet their needs and expectations.

In order to help you get more understanding about millennials, we will give you 5 main facts of millennials holiday purchase behaviour. These might answer some of your questions, why some efforts which able to attract guest in the past, seems not working today.

1.  Dependence with technology   

Technology is major part of millennials’ life. They are growing up with development of technology and cannot live without it.  Therefore, it is not surprising to see how they highly depends on mobile device as well as reliable internet connection  Furthermore, they are tend to search for information about their travel before booking hotel or flight. In addition, they also more prefer to book using mobile device. Based on IHG’s 2015 Trends Report, 44% of millennials prefer to book hotel service from their mobile device.

In order to meet needs of your millennials guest, you might need provide them essential feature to support their technological dependence. For instance, right now free and reliable internet connection  is not just special facility offered by your hotel, but has become one of primary features which your hotel should have. Beside of that, your hotel website need to be mobile friendly and have easy booking process for your guest.     

2. Check multiple sites before book

With their dependence on internet, millennials take a longer decision making process compared with older generations. They spend more time on researching and getting information for their travel. More than 85% of millennials have visited multiple sites before they booking (from hospitalitynet) to get possible best deal for their travel.

Millennials’ behaviour to check best deal on many sites give big advantage for major OTA’s sites.  With many hotel offered in one website and variety of room rates, it gives good reason for millennials to book through OTA rather than book directly to hotel website. This condition makes many hotels unable to drive direct booking and very dependent with booking from OTAs.

3. Value for personal experience and customized service

One most interesting fact about millennials is their preference on travel.  They have been known to have their own personal preferences. Millennials tends to prefer personal and customized service for their travel. For examples rather than follow ordinary itinerary, they more like to have their own schedule and destination. Millennials also have more diverse activities on their holiday. If older generation tends to just sight-seeing on tourism destination, they could do many activities on their holiday, such as: rafting, hiking, surfing, mtb-biking, kayaking even some of them do extreme sport on their holiday.   

In hospitality industry, this leads to more customized and personalized service for millennials market. As standard service might simply not fulfill their need of personal experience, demands for more personal and value for experience service is growing. For example, we can look at how Airbnb gain popularity among younger generation. We can see how millennials really appreciated value of location, fast booking, and opportunity to experience as local.

4. Sharing experience on social network

Social media is another essential aspect for millennials life. It is a part of important value of millennials to share and validate their experience with others. With social media become inseparable part of their life, most millennials would like to share their holiday story and photos online to get response of their friends and family.  Even, according Internet Marketing.inc  millennials are very active in social media with 75% of them post once per day. 

5. Big influence of social recommendation

Apart from its role as sharing platform, social media also has role to influence millennials travelers. Social media has become one of inspiration source for millennials to decide their next travel destination. Shared content on social media, such as: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has been main references for them, instead of travel magazines or television, which become reference for older generation.   

Recommendation of friends on social media has major role for millennials travelers. They might see their friends post travel story on social media and then get interested to know more about it.  This could leads them to get inspired to travel to their friends destination or stay at accommodation, which recommended to them. Popular figure on social media also could influence millennial travellers, including celebrity, travel blogger, or photographer, which has many followers on social media.  

With emerging number of millennial travelers today, it is wise to consider your marketing strategy to be more online. Their dependence on technology, especially on gadgets, application, and internet has shaped their holiday purchase behaviour. Social media is also an influential tool for their travel behaviour.

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