Why booking engine and website alone will not help your property?


Take a deep breath and look on your property website

Today most property owners, hoteliers, guesthouse, and even hostel are spoiled with choices in the market by solutions. With choices these are the factors that generally comes into consideration

1) Pricing
2) Additional Benefits / Freebies
3) Service and support

However having a “booking engine” does not determine that you will have incremental revenue from your hotel site. Most “booking engine” solution and website provider pretty much sells you the solution and pretty much make sure that their function works perfectly on your hotel site.

It can collect customer information, allow customer to make payment and it integrates with your CRS / PMS or inventory management system.

Wait a minute, sound pretty simple and easy. However this is the problem, having a booking engine does not solve the equation. It is pretty much giving you a fishing rod without a bait. If you are lucky, you get a fish which will be hooked on your line without the bait.

This is the problem that we would like to highlight. Experienced E-commerce or Online marketer knows the basics of online business

Content + Traffic = Sales

Now.. lets look again, where does a booking engine fit in this equation?

They are just a function to collect sales on the site.

Most hoteliers these days are left in the dust being pitched and sold different technology / solutions etc. Nobody want to explain about how you’ll maximise the potential. It just like giving someone an F1 Car, without giving a proper training on how to handle it. Selling a solution is one thing, but how a out going one step further, train them to maximise the solution.

A great technology or product will always be a white elephant if it is not optimise.

Our tip for hoteliers, when the next technology person walk through your door, ask them to explain how exactly their product will help you, here is our tips question you can ask for the common offering:

For solutions provider:

“how in detail is the solution going to help”
“going to drive sales? do i just use it and sales will naturally come?”

For digital marketing support provider:

1) How do you do SEO?
2) Will you constantly deploy a team to generate contents?
3)How do you measure the success of the campaign?
4) What do your team do for Customer Acquisition campaigns?
5) What do your team do for Branding campaigns?
6) Do your team integrate data tracking to the site? How do you do that?

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