5 Ways to Get the Best from Your TripAdvisor Review

One of the biggest challenges in modern hotel management is to manage TripAdvisor review. As we know,  TripAdvisor may be the most influencing website in hospitality industry. No matter how hard you deny, it is a legit fact that the review of your property on this website will pretty much influence your business, especially on the guests number. Modern traveler rely on the reviews on such website, and getting bad reviews can hurt your business. Thus, managing your TripAdvisor review become an essential part of managing your hospitality business.

If you are still wondering on how to manage and optimize Tripadvisor for your hotel, here Caption Hospitality give you examples of simple steps you can do to cast your online reputation.

1. Claim your business on TripAdvisor


The very first step to cast your hotel reputation in TripAdvisor is by claiming your business on it. Claiming your business is the very first step to manage your TripAdvisor review, since you can’t give replies if you haven’t claimed your business yet. It is very important to claim your business first because this will open up the opportunities for you to connect and communicate with your customers.

There are several steps to claim your business on TripAdvisor. First of all, you should go to TripAdvisor for Business page. There you can select your business type and search the name of your business and the city it’s located. After you find your business, you can then register it to allows you to manage your TripAdvisor page.

2. Give fast and polite response


The first thing you want to show to your guest is how much you care and responsive with their feedback.

One of the essential things to do is by giving fast respond to every review from your guest. It’s important to show how you could manage and solve specific guest concerns and issues. Therefore, it is important to keep monitoring your TripAdvisor page and give fast response toward reviews.

Bad reviews are inevitable, but you should avoid giving bad response in return. Maybe you feel uneasy or angry when you receive bad reviews, but you must consider that TripAdvisor has wide coverage and a bad response not only hurts your reviewer but also will give huge negative impact for your business.  It’s not only a customer who sees your response, but it may be seen by many of your potential guests as well.  A bad response could cost you to lose many of your potential guests. Therefore, it is important to keep calm and give polite response to a bad review. Furthermore, you could choose friendly language to elaborate the issue and offer solution professionally.

3. Encourage guest to give review


One of the ways to increase your popularity in TripAdvisor is by getting reviewed many times. Property with many good reviews mostly  considered as good and reputable property. So, it’s important to know how to encourage your guest to give review in TripAdvisor after they check out from your hotel.

If you want to encourage your guest to review your hotel, there is a simple way to encourage them. You can try by giving them comment card to ask and remind them to give their review about their stay at your hotel before they check out from your hotel.  You just need to put your hotel’s name and its TripAdvisor page URL on the card, along with a persuasive statement to ask them to write review about their stay at your hotel. If you want more easy ways, you could send them email which includes link to your TripAdvisor page and ask them to write their review.

4. Study your guest reviews


When you receive adequate number of reviews, then you should start to spend your time to study your guest reviews. You can study which part of your service that has bad reviews from your guest. By knowing your weakness and concern to your guest, you can take this as foundation to improve your service.  In addition, you can also monitor your TripAdvisor Popularity Index to identify your hotel’s main issue and work to improve it.

5. Showcase your achievement


Photo by: Super 8 Kingdom City via https://www.flickr.com/

TripAdvisor regularly gives awards or acknowledgements to business by giving “Certificate of Excellence” or ”Travelers’ Choice” badges. Those acknowledgements are given to popular and high rated business based on TripAdvisor reviews. Those badges could show how reputable your service is and show how you take your guest review seriously.

If your hotel has been honored by receiving those badges from TripAdvisor, then you should display it.  First of all, you can try to display your TripAdvisor badge on your website.  You can use TripAdvisor Widget to show reviews and awards on your website. It also allows you to encourage your guest to review your hotel. Furthermore, you also could display your TripAdvisor awards on your hotel by printing the badge and put it on a frame. You can display it in the most eye-catching place on your hotel.

So, what do you think about the steps above? It’s not an easy work to manage your TripAdvisor review, but the worth of the effort will give you a good impact towards your hotel business. TripAdvisor review is a powerful tool in modern hotel management which you can capitalize to boost your hotel revenue. And when you master this tool, the gate to high revenue is open wide.



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