Achieving Efficient Hotel Operation for your Property

technology use for efficient hotel operation

In this tight and competitive hospitality industry, it is crucial to have efficient hotel operation. As hotel expenses are keep increasing, hotelier need to carefully manage their operation cost. Although most of hotel already have their hotel operation costing plan, it is always better to take time to reflect how efficient our operation cost. It because there are many cases where hotels still face issue related to high operation expense and waste lot of resource. Therefore, hotelier need to take smart steps to reduce operation cost and minimize wastage. Therefore, achieving efficient hospitality operations is a must.

However, implementing efficient hotel operations is not easy. As hotel operation cannot be separated from various operational cost, it is important to keep on track of each cost. It would help to reduce operational cost and make bigger profit margin. It means hotelier need to take a look at several unavoidable cost like utilities, labor, and customer acquisition. By focus on those costs, hotelier could take steps to reduce and optimize it to get more profit. These are highlights from Caption toward some of those cost and how hotelier could do more efficient costing.

Manage Staffing by Considering Demand and Guest Experience

Staffing maybe one of complicated elements on hotel operation. For instance, number of staff in a hotel would determine how effective and efficient hotel operation. If hotel is understaffed, surely it will affect to hotel service to guest. For example, it could make guest dissatisfied because of long check-in or check-out process. This would not only hurt your business in short term but also would damage your business in the future. Meanwhile, if your hotel is overstaffed it would make them unutilized, which is a waste of cost for your hotel operation. Therefore, it is crucial to manage your staff for more efficient hotel operation and better guest experience.

Demand forecasting is one of approaches to develop efficient hotel operations.

By knowing demand projection, it would help you to make better staff schedule based on high or low season demand. If you have collected the data, then you should able to spot which area of hotel operation that most affected by number of guest. For example, you would able to decide how many staff needed in front desk and how many staff needed for housekeeping. You also would able to make strategic decision, such as hire part time or casual housekeepers to make room cleaning process faster during high season period.

hotel marketing through social mediaMoreover, you also consider guest experience for your staffing management. For example, you should set standard how long should guest wait for check-in/check-out process. Then you could reflect on current situation how your check-in/check-out process take time. If it is still not met the standard, it might time for you to change your check-in/check-out patterns. Another way to make your hotel operation optimal is by develop standard operational procedure for each department or division. By put an eye on forecast and operation standard you could push your hotel operation more optimal and cost efficient.

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Minimize Waste to Reduce Cost

Similar with staff, wastage management is crucial to develop optimal hotel operation. It is not only for the purpose of minimizing wasted utilities and resources, but also to make sure your hotel does not experience run out of supplies. Therefore, it is important to know number of guest forecast and supplies needed to give service for them. In addition, you should take record of how long each supplies will be last, and take it as consideration to manage your inventory.

By knowing the number from the forecast, it will help you to order and use right product at the right time. For example, during peak season you might need increase your food and beverages supplies to cope with high occupancy in your hotel. Meanwhile, during low season you could order less supplies because there will fewer guest who stay at your hotel. This would help to minimize waste of food supplies, and minimize unneeded food and beverages cost.

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Technology to Ease Hotel Operation

Technology nowadays is one of essentials elements within hospitality industry. It not just part of facilities or service for guest, but it is an integral part of whole hotel operation. By having right technology solution in your hotel, you would have good opportunity to maximize and optimize your service to guest.

One of main benefit by using technology for your hotel operation is time saving.

For instance, just imagine how long check-in process take if it still use manual process by pen and paper. It might need to take more than five minutes to complete. While some guest might patient enough to wait, but most of your guest would consider it as unsatisfying service standard. Therefore, functional reservation system could be used to make this process more effective, efficient and give better service to guest.

Moreover, functional property management system would help you to manage and forecast your hotel inventory. It surely will help you to get accurate data and insight about guest and their hotel operation. For example guest historical data would help you to understand guest patterns such as: peak season and low season period, most contributing distribution channel, guest segmentation, and guest preferences. It also help you to get important data related to your hotel operation. This includes number of available room, room sales, and revenue performance within yearly, monthly or day by day period. These data and forecast are very important as consideration to decide best strategies for your hotel operation.

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The Bottom Line

Understanding current as well as forecast of data and insight of hotel operation would help you to make best strategies for your hotel operation. By getting accurate data and reflect it to make adjustment on the operation, you would minimize loss of profit due to wastage and unused resource cost. This will help you to adjust your service during peak season and low season. For instance, you could add more part-time staff during peak season, to help operation on your fully booked hotel. In addition, forecasting is also insightful to decide how much service needed on your food and beverages operation. With correct forecasting, it would reduce loss of profit due to waste of supplies. These actions, surely help your hotel to reduce unimportant operation cost and make your operation more cost efficient.



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