Brilliant Guide to Capitalize Bleisure Travel Trends for your Hotel

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Talking about customer segmentation, hotel industry has one of the most evolving customers these days. We can see that there are a lot of different customer categories now. This includes the bleisure traveler that become one of the most emerging market for hotel industry in modern days. Thanks to the rising of bleisure travel trends, bleisure traveler is now growing rapidly. But how you as a hotelier can make use of this bleisure travel trends into your capital?

The growth of bleisure travel trends are not built overnight. We can say that there are so many factors that contribute to the growth of this customer segment. The development of technology, the trend of cheap flights, and even changes in socio-cultural aspects are all contributing to this. In case you are wondering on how to capitalize this segment for your hotel business, here Caption gives you the insight.

What is bleisure travel?

Bleisure travelers are those who combine business trip with personal traveling activities. The line between work and play has been being blurred these days. This means that someone can go somewhere for business trip then they extend the trip for few days for explore the area. By that definition, bleisure travel trends mean that business trips can also be a potential chance for someone to have a personal holiday as well.

Why are they important?

A study conducted by Expedia found that 43% of business trips, both international and domestic, are extended for leisure purpose. This is especially common with business trip abroad, which requires more expense and time. Other than that, according to a 2014 Skift report on bleisure travel, more than half of those who extend a business trip will bring family members or a significant other along with them.

This shows how beneficial they could be for your hotel business. Imagine when a businessman visit your area for some business trips. But then he brings his family along and decide to have a short holiday on your area. They could be potential guests for your hotel, right? When the business man alone can be a valuable asset for your business, imagine how much of the revenue that you can generate by adding his family members into the calculation.

The trend of cheap flights also make it possible for people to hop on plane and have a short impromptu holiday. However, the growth of bleisure travel trends is not just about the flight price. The change on how people see time now as a valuable asset also contributes to this trend. People are now seeing time with families as something valuable. And when they can achieve that without abandoning their work, that would be better. And this can be a valuable travel segment you can work on to increase your hotel revenue.

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how to attract business travelersHow to attract them?

After understanding bleisure meaning, we can move to another step. We can know start to plan the steps you can do to attract them to stay at your hotel. Capitalizing bleisure travel trends is actually just about being on the right place and the right time. You need to make sure that your marketing plan is corresponding with their need. So, how you can make use of bleisure travel trends for your business?

Find the right distribution channel

When it comes to managing hotel in modern days, online marketing is a must. And sure, you can’t do this without finding a proper distribution channel for your business. In modern hotel industry, distribution channel can mean so many things. This can be a website with booking engine, this can be a connection with OTA, and etc. The bottom line is to find the right distribution channel to make it possible for you to offer your rooms to bleisure traveler.

Targeting bleisure traveler, you can consider to choose a channel manager that specifically targeting them. This includes corporate travel agents, wholesaler, or a global distribution system (GDS). When you are partnering with the distribution channel that specifically target bleisure travelers, it’s easier then to attract them to stay in your accommodation.

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Create targeted promotion

How can you market or hotel rooms without creating a promotion? Promotion is an essential element for the distribution. Whether you do it online or offline, creating a promotion is important to level up your business. A well-planned promotion will not only bring existing guests to stay again. This can also attract new customers to stay on your accommodation.

So, how can you create a targeted promotion for bleisure traveler? There are so many ways to do this. You can start by offering a corporate rate for them. This includes the offering to give special rate for extended stay from a business trip. You can also offer additional discounts for additional family members that stay along on a business trip. This will encourage people to come along with their family when doing a business trip.

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Add some additional benefits for them

What’s better than getting an additional benefit when you’re staying in a hotel? Everyone loves freebies. Especially for those who travel a lot for business trips, getting free stuff is always exciting. Imagine when you are traveling abroad and you get a free spa service from the hotel you stay in. Will you go back to that hotel the next time you visit the area? The answer is definitely yes.

In utilizing bleisure travel trends, you can use the idea of giving freebies to bleisure traveler to attract them. You can make a promo that gives free spa and sauna for business traveler. And even when you don’t have additional budget for freebies, you can even make it budget-free. For example, you can offer a late check-out option for these business travelers. Small things sometimes mean so many things, right?

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Let them know

When you’re done with planning special stuff for these business travelers, it’s the time to let them know. Matter of fact, they will never stay at your hotel when they don’t know about your promo, right? This is why you need to make sure that your promotion is hitting the target perfectly. Even when you have a good promo, these business travelers will not come to your hotel when they never hear about the promo itself.

Regarding the promo, you can let them know by sending them a pre-arrival e-mail. This e-mail will include the information about the offer that you have on your hotel. And when they arrive for the check in, you can still remind them about the offer as well. As an alternative, you can also leave a promotional note on your room to remind your customer about this. Easy, right?

Now that you understand about bleisure travel trends and its potential, it’s your time to work on your strategy. It is true that modern hotel industry means a lot of competition. However, you can still take the chance by planning the right strategy. The right marketing plan will surely give a good output that will increase your hotel revenue.


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