How to Capitalize Social Media for Hotel Marketing: Increasing User Engagement (Part 2)

After understanding the reason why you should use social media for marketing in the previous article, it’s time to move forward. As we have learnt on the previous article, there are so many reasons why social media is a powerful tool for modern marketing. However, some businesses are facing problems when utilizing social media. The use of social media is seen as a high-tech stuff that needs a lot to learn. Even when you have mastered it, increasing user engagement is not an easy thing to do.

When utilizing social media for marketing, user engagement is a must. User engagement is the interaction that you make with your audience while using social media. This also includes the impression that leads to some actions that taken after that. When utilizing social media for marketing, user engagement means the interaction that you make through the channel. It also includes the clicks, comment, media download and the watched video by your audience.

Why increasing user engagement is important?

When utilizing social media for hotel marketing, increasing user engagement is a must. User engagement can be used as a metric to measure the effectiveness of your campaign through social media. This will also act as the material you can use to forecast the next campaign that your business needs. The proper measure on how much time the users spend on your social media is essential to see how effective your campaign is.

On the other side, the absence of interaction on your social media can also means that users are not taking your social media accounts as something interesting.

When you interact more with your social media follower, then the bigger of the opportunity for them to buy your product. In managing a social media account for hotel for example, the more of people that leave comments on your Instagram photo can be a benchmark of how much they find your account interesting. In general, increasing user engagement means getting more opportunity for people to stay in your hotel as well.

olu-eletu-13086It is true that social media is one of the most important element is today’s people life. And you must be agree that using social media to help your marketing is possible in these modern days. However, it’s not easy to gather the proper acknowledgement that your hotel need in social media. Some hotels are facing so many challenges in increasing engagement. Here Caption gives you the tips on how to increase user engagement while using social media for hotel marketing:

Make quiz

It’s a common sense that people love to win something. Moreover when the competition allows you to win something free. One of the most effective tricks in increasing user engagement is to make quiz on your social media. You can give a free night stay at your hotel or a special discount for the winner. Even a free dessert on your hotel restaurant can attract customer to enter the quiz.

But the question is, how to increase user engagement via social media using the quiz?

The answer is easy. Make sure that your quiz is linking the customer with your social media accounts. For example, require them to like and share your Facebook Page’s post. This kind of quiz requires minimum effort from the participants. However, this can be a clever idea to spread up your account exposure. The shared post will reach more audience outside your circle; which is good for your marketing. It’s easy yet effective, right?

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Be creative with your content

The biggest challenge in using social media for hotel marketing is creating a good content for it. Especially when you put an effort in increasing user engagement, your content quality should be your top priority. Make sure that you deliver not only an interesting content, but also ones that in-line with your product brand. For example when you want your hotel to look affordable, then make sure that you generate content that create impression to that. Create contents that will make your audience to think that your hotel is really affordable.

However, the wonderful thing about social media is that you can really be creative with the content.

Don’t limit yourself by creating image post all along and flooding your Facebook Page with images only. Don’t forget that you can really be creative with the kind of the content itself. You can try to make a short blog post or short video. Even when you don’t have the time to make the content by yourself, you can always pick somebody’s content. For example, you can share post from the local tourism department and highlighting how close it is with your accommodation. Easy, right?

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Work on user-generated contents

No matter how easy it is to create content for social media, sometimes it can be stressful as well. In increasing user engagement, the variety of the content means a lot to your user engagement. The more creative you are with your content, the more of the possibility for it to be viral. And sure, when it goes viral then you will get a free publication for your business as well. But what if you don’t have time to create content?

The answer is pretty simple; you can ask your audience to make it for you.

You can try to work on user-generated contents to make it easier for your workload. For example, you can repost your guest’s picture on Instagram. Not only that this will make them proud for staying at your hotel, it’s also an easy way to get content. Don’t forget to attach hashtag to it, so that people can easily search similar posts about your hotel.

Post constantly

One of the basics in user engagement strategy is to keep it constant.

When you are managing a social media account, make sure that you constantly post contents to it. If it takes too long for you to post a single post, people will also question the validity of your business. It doesn’t have to be a daily posting, but make sure that it is constant. For example, you can post every 2-3 days if posting daily is impossible for you. Moreover, users will undermine your account when they see that you post rarely.

In increasing user engagement in social media, being constant is the key. Just like running any kind of business, you also need to run it constantly, right? On the other side, being constant in social media can be a good step for you to increase your online presence. And sure, a good online presence will also bring a good influence to your business as well.

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Make it easy to make reservation

Increasing user engagement means nothing when you can’t increase your selling through it. When it comes to the use of social media for hotel marketing, selling is still a goal. Even though it shouldn’t be the primary goal, but you shouldn’t undermine it. When you have reached the desired point of user engagement rate, your final goal is to increase your selling as well, right?

If you want to increase your user engagement, you can try to embed access to reserve a room via your social media. If you handle a Facebook Page for example, make sure that users can also book through it. When it’s easy for them to book a room via your social media, increasing user engagement is easier then. The more of the easiness to access your business via social media, the more of the possibility to get user engagement. On the other side, this will also bring a good potential customer to your business as well, right?

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Don’t be hesitate to connect with related business

One of the keys in increasing user engagement is to connect with the related business. In the social media universe, connecting with related business is a good step to take. Not only that this will increase your trustworthiness, this can also be a good publication as well for your hotel. Just like managing business in real life, when you have more networks connected to you then it’s also better for your business, right? This is why connecting with related business via social media is crucial.

If you handle Facebook Page for example, don’t be hesitate to mention some related business in your post. For example, when you are writing about local tourist destination near your hotel, you can mention the local bureau of tourism as well. Not only that you will create a relationship with them, you can also get the chance to be featured by them on your page as well. A free publication, right?

Communicate with your audience

Last but not least, interaction is the most important thing in increasing user engagement. If you want to increase user engagement on your social media account, you have to communicate with them. It’s a common sense that people like it to be heard. And when it comes to social media, you can also do this without even move an inch from your office. Create a conversation with your audience and build a loyal relationship with them. Matter of fact, people like it to be treated as a person instead of as an account.

When creating a content for your social media, make sure that you can communicate with them through it. You can try to add some question to it to attract people to comment. And when they give comment on your post, don’t be hesitate to reply. Not only that they will feel appreciated by that, you can also build a personal connection through it. Your online presence through these actions are counted.

So, what do you think? These steps are easy yet effective, right? It is true that completing these actions alone will not instantly help your business. You will also need a comprehensive social media marketing plan, a great revenue management and many other thing. But sure, it will never hurt nobody to try, right? Do you have any additional tricks in increasing user engagement in social media? Don’t be hesitate to share it with us in comment.



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