Why Every Small Hotel Needs to Apply Hotel Reservation System

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Technology is indeed the solution to grow the hotel business and the hotel managers and owners are aware of this. There are many reasons which motivate hotels to use hotel reservation system. Hotel reservation system had already been applied by big chain hotels since long ago. Hotel reservation system not only needed by big hotels but it also can help small hotels to optimize their revenue. It can help them to manage lot of distribution channel such as online travel agents or booking engine for direct booking through their own hotel website. If you want to increase your bookings and sell your rooms at capacity, the hotel integrated reservation system will help you analyze the growth of your hotel, and surely help you to win in modern hotel competition. Here Caption gives you a thorough explanation on why every small hotels need to apply hotel reservation system.

What is hotel reservation system?

Hotel reservation system is basically a system to facilitate reservation that going on your hotel. Hotel reservation system main puropse is  to optimize revenue across all hotel distribution channels. It gives hotel the tools to efficiently manage rates and inventory, and also connect the hotel to all of the distribution channels. It also helps hotels to easily to manage their pricing and distribution strategy on a daily basis. Hotel reservation system has a wide range of functionality to distribute hotel over a multitude of channels including hotel website, GDS and IDS. Through this system also, the automatic e-mail confirmation can be done. Not only allows guests to book online directly, this reservation system can also provide hotel operators with additional resources.

bench-accounting-49026How hotel reservation system works?

Hotel reservation system generates a secure online reservation made by customer through website. Then, the data is passed to the hotel backend system. Later the hotels can access this system to manage bookings. Hotel  system also can be synced to the booking engine and channel manager.

It gives the hotel operators the chance to distribute their products, and update their availability real-time to their entire network of online travel agents.

The system then records, analyzes and projects the hotel performances in selected timeline. Some companies are even making such systems that can be used on various devices; making it easier to operate. This system will also record the incoming booking rates.

How important hotel reservation system for small hotels?

It is necessary for small hotels to have their own integrated hotel system. Technology is indeed the key for hotel to expand and grow their business. In today’s modern travel industry, hotels are competing in attracting global customer through the use of technology. Thus, using an integrated hotel system is a must, moreover for small hotels. There are many modern customers right now who depend on the use of technology. For the example, they no longer bring their money, instead, they go cashless and bring their debit or credit cards. It’s simpler, easier. It’s similar with online booking.

Modern travelers are doing reservation through online platform to book their accommodations because it makes their journey at ease.

Without your hotel ability to adapt with this changes, it’s going to bring a bad outcome for your hotels. By having hotel  system, you can get more advantages than your competitors. Right now, modern hotel industry is growing like never before. But not all of them using an integrated hotel reservation system. There are still many small hotels who are still using the old way. You can take this advantages to boost your bookings overtime by using integrated hotel reservation system and also online booking system.

Not only you get more advantages, but it also will make your business more efficient. The system will update every change made by incoming reservation, in all of your channel. It ultimately makes your time, effort, and all the administrative requirements more efficient. By having hotel  system, your time will be more efficient in term of administrative task. You will also minimize the risk of overbooked rooms of your hotels.


The urge to have a hotel reservation system might be a tricky topic. However, the modern era requires us to be more adaptable with technology as well. If small hotels don’t follow the pace of big hotel in term of integrated hotel reservation system, that could be a boomerang for them. That’s why nowadays a lot of IT company or consultants offer such system that based on the next-generation of retail e-commerce. These companies are making distribution technology systems that specifically designed for small hotels. Small hotels need to apply an integrated hotel reservation system in order to compete in today’s modern travel industry.


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