The Experience of Green Leaf Guesthouse; Managing Hotel in Ease with Caption Hospitality Product

Caption Hospitality’s commitment to help small independent hotel to develop is reflected on its free trial promo. This promo enables hotel to experience Caption’s product for three months without paying any cents. Not only Crono POS that will help front desk staff, Crono Dashboard is also available on this promo to help staff in managerial to manage hotel in ease. Aside from that, hotels will also get free hotel website with integrated booking engine for free on this promo. This is not only an effort to acknowledge Caption’s product to hotel industry, this promo is also a commitment to encourage small and independent hotels to adapt with technology.

This interesting promo is surely an opportunity for hotels to experience the easiness in managing hotel using hotel system from Caption Hospitality. Crono POS as a dedicated system for front desk will surely help the staff to handle the guest service easier and more effective. Other than that, computerized system makes it almost impossible to do human error out of it. On the other side, Caption also offer Crono Dashboard to help hotel managerial staffs to handle their job effortlessly. Report generation on hotel statistic will be way easier because everything can be done in a single way.

One of the hotels that has been enjoying free trial promo from Caption Hospitality is Green Leaf Guesthouse. Mr Messach Kandou as the General Manager of Green Leaf Guesthouse shared with us his experience in using Caption’s hotel system for the past three months. Now on, Green Leaf Guesthouse has been using Crono POS and Dashboard in managing the hotel. Let’s take a look on how they feel about it.

85393770Good afternoon, Mr Messach. Can you tell us a little bit about Green Leaf Guesthouse?
Good afternoon. Green Leaf Guesthouse has been operated since 2014. The building itself was initially a holiday villa of the owner and usually being used only when the family had vacation in Yogyakarta. The owner then convert this building into a guesthouse with vacation house concept.

How was the business of Green Leaf Guesthouse before using Caption’s hotel system?
Before using Caption’s hotel system, we were using manual system in almost every hotel operation. Even guest record was done by manual system. That surely took a lot longer time.

For the guest, what kind of distribution channel that used the most by Green Leaf Guesthouse?
For Green Leaf Guesthouse, most of the guests are coming from direct walk-in. Even though we actually have been connected with several OTAs, most of the reservations that we receive are coming from direct walk-in.

What problems that usually faced by Green Leaf Guesthouse management in hotel operations before using Caption’s system?
The biggest problem that we face is actually the guest information recording. It’s difficult to find information about particular past guest because everything was done manually. Aside from that, administration problem was also a common thing to happen. Excellent guest service was something that hard to achieve back then. Long time time on front desk made it hard for us to give the best service for our guest.

Have you ever used other hotel system before? How was that compared to Caption’s products?
Before this, we never used any hotel system before. Aside from manual system, information recording was also done with Microsoft Excel. But for hotel system like Caption, we never used anything like this before.

What makes Green Leaf Guesthouse management thought that a hotel system is needed for daily hotel operation?
The number of guests is definitely the reason why. We were overwhelmed because of that. Other than that, we are also connected to many of OTAs. If we keep on using manual system, we will surely overwhelmed.

Can you tell us your experience in using Caption’s system?
Caption’s hotel system is really helping us in hotel operation generally. Crono POS itself makes guest handling become fast and efficient. All data is recorded well and I don’t have to worry about the security as well. Not only that, Crono hotel system also help us to generate hotel reports and managing budgeting. My staffs are also having no difficulty in using it. Very easy to use and not complicated.

What aspect in hotel operation that is helped by Caption’s system?
The most helped department is surely the front desk. Caption’s system makes it easy to handle check in and check our process. It’s way more efficient and faster now. Guest’s information are all recorded digitally and it’s easy to find one that we need just by hitting the searching button.

Based on your experience in using Caption’s hotel system, will you recommend our product to your fellow hotelier?
Sure. Caption’s hotel system is easy to use. In my opinion, this product has big potential to be developed more with so many additional features ahead. This really suits the needs of small and independent hotel that wants to adapt with technology.

These are the stories from Mr Messach from Green Leaf Guesthouse. Are you interested to try our product for free? Contact us now to request a free trial


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