How Hotel Personalization can Help You to Win against Chain Hotels

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The domination of chain hotel in hotel competition is undeniably clear. The fact that big players are dominating the market is surely undeniable. Even when the travel industry had a rough time and the trend of cheap hotel was starting, big players were still control the market share by shifting into low-budget versions of their high class hotels. Big chain hotels like Ibis and Aston were seeing the trend of cheap travel were quite intimidating and they saw the need of making the low-budget version of their hotel. In this article Caption will highlight how hotel personalization can help your independent hotel to win the game.

The nightmare of big player domination in hotel industry doesn’t mean the end of your small independent hotel. You can still win against big chain hotels if only you can capitalize the hidden advantage that you have. As an independent hotel, you have the privilege to customize your property and design it with your very own style. This is the privilege that usually being undermined by most of the small hotels because they think that the competition is all about the money. It is true that big chain hotels are showered with unlimited marketing budget, but that alone won’t help them to win the competition. The modern hotel competition means more than just a great ad all over the internet or extremely cheap price.

What is hotel personalization?

In general, hotel personalization means a set of action to make a custom signature for your hotel. This could be applied on the interior design, amenities design, the management system, or even simply from how you greet your customer upon their arrival. There are endless personalized service examples you can try, but here we give you some ideas of the simple yet effective hotel personalization you can try to drive more customers to your hotel.

How can you do a hotel personalization?

Give personal services to regular customer

The key to make your customer feels comfortable in your hotel is by getting to know them. Give a personal service for them, even when they’re not a regular guest of your hotel. The more you know your customer, the more you can create a personalized hotel experience for them.

This might sounds like a small and insignificant thing, but this could make your customer feels special

The simplest thing you can do is by remembering their name. One of the unique hotel arrival experience ideas is to call your guests by they name even starting from their arrival. This might sounds like a small and insignificant thing, but this could make your customer feels special. Especially for small hotel with few rooms, remembering your guests is not that hard. When you show that you remember each of your customer’s name, this will increase the bond between your hotel and your customer. This will also help them to feel accepted and welcomed into your hotel.

You can also try to get to know them even before their arrival. Try to add some personalized question set on your booking form. For example, you can ask their favourite color or food preference. The data from these questions is useful to build the perfect personalized hotel experience dedicated for them.

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Bring up the local experience

Being a personalized hotel doesn’t mean that you should drastically change everything. If your budget doesn’t meet the marketing plan, you can try to drive the customer from highlighting the local experience you can offer from your hotel. This is the key for a simple yet effective hotel personalization for your small independent hotel.

Try to find attractive attraction around your hotel and highlight that on your marketing ads. This could be as simple as offering a trip to the beautiful lake near your hotel to create a customized hotel experience for your guest. You can also try to offer a tour packet to a traditional village around your hotel. On this tour, your guest can participate into some traditional activities. This way, you’re not only driving more customer into your hotel but also helping the small business around you as well.

Cut the bureaucracy and be more attentive

The thing about a personalized service in the hotel is the feeling that they listen to you. In big chain hotels, guests are often seen merely as the source of the money and that’s all. They see customers as the walking money pocket that will boost their revenue. This is where your small independent hotel can be different with them.

Building a personalized hotel experience is nothing difficult. You can start from cutting the bureaucracy and make your guests feel that you listen to them. When one of your guests have a problem with their room, cut the bureaucracy and fix the problem as soon as possible. If other hotels will throw their guests back and forth and eventually do nothing to fix the problem, try to do better than this. Whenever your guests get a problem with their stay on your hotel, any officer should try to fix that.

Listen to your guests

Asking your customer to fill up the guest experience survey is nothing new in hotel business. Most of the hoteliers see that customer’s advice is important for their business. But do these hotels really process the feedback and put it on the board?

While most of guest experience survey is just about the number, you can get out from this tradition and invent your own kind of survey. Try to ask your guests personally on how they feel about staying in your hotel. If it is necessary, take time to ask them one by one to get the honest feedback from them. Even though it sounds like an exhausting effort, this will give you benefit of having a clear picture of how you perform. That way, you can really understand in which aspect of your service that you should improve.

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Be original with the design

Even though being an independent hotel means that you’re not being in any constraints from the company, it means nothing when you don’t know how to capitalize that advantage. Keep in mind that generating original design for your hotel is crucial. You don’t need to be advance and go all out transforming your hotel into an artsy one. The transformation could mean way simpler than that.

For example, you can try to use self-designed box for your amenities. It doesn’t need to be luxurious and expensive, you just need to make it clear that these amenities come from your hotel. Try to put a small hotel logo on the corner of the box and keep the design simple. Even from smallest detail like this, you can achieve customized hotel experience for your guests.

See, hotel personalization is not always about spending budget on everything. Even from these small steps, you can create a personalized hotel experience for your customer. There’s no such experience in the big chain hotels because it’s all about the copyrights and company design on these hotels. You have the opportunity to win by offering something your guests will not find in big chain hotels. And that’s what we call a smart hotel marketing plan by using hotel personalization.


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