Managing Mobile Marketing for Better Revenue

mobile marketing for hotel

Technology now has become crucial part for hospitality industry.

Massive increase of mobile phone usage among customers has reshaped how customers do their travel. Today, people not only use their phone for call or send short message, but also to browse on the internet and do their work. It makes the point that mobile marketing becomes an essential aspect in modern hotel marketing.

In terms of travel industry,  it brings broader connectivity which change the way people travel.  According to TripAdvisor research, 42% of travelers around the world are connected travelers who use their smartphone to plan or book their travel.

This fact shows how mobile device has become important part for travelers travel behaviour.

This means hotel need to rethink and reevaluate their marketing strategies, especially those that related to mobile device usage. It is important to know what customers are expecting, in terms of mobile hospitality, to produce better service.

To help you understand what your customers, Caption will give some insights about things they may expect and want. You could use this highlight to evaluate your mobile marketing action and develop better approaches to your customers.

1. Mobile-friendly is the key

mobile experience

As many travellers rely on mobile technology, first impression towards your hotel website is the key in mobile marketing. With the rise of mobile device use for travel booking, it is essential to provide mobile-friendly experience. Furthermore, unappealing and complicated online booking process could be major reasons for travellers to leave and call off their booking intention.

Therefore, just having a website is not enough, it also needs to be appealing and responsive across many devices.

To give better mobile experience for customers, you need to check whether you website is mobile-friendly or not. Since mobile’s functionality and display are different compared to desktop,  it is important that your website is displayed properly and usable for mobile use. In mobile, customers would not expect large amount of information. Instead, they more prefer to clearly get key information and have easy access to booking engine.  In addition, customer also expect to get simple and responsive booking experience when they book from mobile.

There are several actions you can take to optimize your website. First of all,  you should make sure that informations are clear and displayed nicely. It includes the use of bigger font size to make the information is readable. You can also arrange the image size so it can be shown properly across different resolutions. You should also show clearly your hotel address because most travellers will check your location on Google Maps before they book. In addition, your website also need to able to open quickly and easily. You can check your website speed using Google PageSpeed or Pingdom.

2. Mobile interaction experience

mobile interaction in hotel

The next step in enhancing your mobile marketing strategy is to develop mobile connection with them. Modern travelers not only use their mobile device for booking, but also rely on it during their travel. It makes more travelers want to have more mobile connection with their hotel during their visit.  

Therefore, develop mobile interaction with guest during their stay will give them special and personalized experience.

Develop mobile connection with guest is not easy. However, you can try to use mobile app to fix this. Mobile applications to connect guest with your hotel during their stay will surely help you. With these apps, you will be able to communicate with them, get their request for room service, breakfast or late check-out request. This kind of app will help you understand and give service that needed by your guest.

Unfortunately, that application is not cheap and not all hotel can afford that. If your hotel still unable to afford or implement that kind of applications, you could utilize messenger application. With popularity of messengers like WhatsApp and LINE, it is easier for you to connect with guest. You can make an official account of your hotel to communicate, get requests and complains from guest. This might not quite simple, but you still able to connect and know what your guest actually need. With good communication and interaction via mobile device, you can deliver personalized and satisfying service.

3. Focus on your market target


While there are many marketing strategies for many segments of travelers, being focused on one is never be a bad idea. You need to point out clearly on who is your market, therefore you can plan specific strategy to reach out to them. This way, you can perform better service for that specific market you try to reach.

In designing the right mobile marketing strategy for your hotel, it is important to understand your market first. In general, there are two segments that you can target as your main focus, business travelers and leisure travelers. Each of these traveler segments has its own needs and preferences. 

Business travelers expect fast service and convenient location. While they might be less affected by price, business travelers will appreciate stable and reliable internet connection, as well as inclusive service during their stay. Meanwhile, leisure travelers tend to be sensitive towards price and more attracted to packages or special offers.

Understanding and decide your target market will help you plan and manage service which offered by your hotel. By focusing on your target market, you can produce more customized service for guest. It is also easier for you to plan and do your marketing campaign because you have one main focus. For example, if you have decided that your main market is leisure travelers, you can create marketing campaign that appealing for them. You can offer rate discount or offer them extra packages if they book through mobile. By offering things that is important for them, it will give you opportunities to attract them to book your hotel.

4. Reach your guest digitally

reach guest on social media

With popularity of social media, it is so important to reach travelers with this platform. While most people spend lot of their time to communicate and interact within social media, it gives you opportunity to reach them directly. Social media platform like Facebook and  Instagram can be used to promote your hotel and give information to travelers about your hotel. Moreover, building engagement on social media will also help you to get more brand awareness among travelers.

To be able to grab attention on social media, creative and engaging content is needed. Therefore you should plan and manage your content for social media marketing campaign. It must not fully promoting your hotel, instead it must give entertaining and informative content for your audience.

For example, posting cute photo of you hotel decoration may attract more attention than posting information about your hotel promotion package.

Furthermore, most travelers now like to see reviews and recommendations before they travel. This means that getting positive reviews on the internet would increase your reputation among customers. In addition, it also gives opportunity to attract travelers. Therefore it is also important to manage your hotel reviews on several reviews sites, like TripAdvisor. It also important to give good response towards review or complain that you get from either review sites or social media.  

The shift of travel preferences makes hotel needs to adapt and come out with new methods to reach the guest. With evolving guest needs and rise of mobile device use during travel, mobile marketing is alternative approach to reach guest. By offering easy and connected mobile experiences for them, your hotel will be ahead of other competitor. This smart actions will give opportunities to your hotel to be stand out and gain valuable outcome from the market.



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