Incredible Experience of Aldilla Hotel Trying Out Caption’s Products

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The free trial promo that has been conducted by Caption Hospitality is indeed not just for marketing purpose. From this program, hotels can have the experience to use hotel system from Caption Hospitality for free. This program is the effort from Caption to introduce its product to modern hospitality industry. Not only in Yogyakarta area, some hotels that participating on this program also come from Bandung area. This is the commitment from Caption Hospitality to help small hotels to adapt with technology in an easier way.

Until now, there are dozens of hotels that has been participating on this program. These hotels are having the luxury to use Caption’s products for free for a┬ámonth. One of them is Pondok Aldilla Syariah Yogyakarta. Established since 2016, this hotel is one of the clients that have been participating on the free trial program from Caption Hospitality. Even though they has just been signed in for a month, Mr Danu as the general manager of Pondok Aldilla Syariah Yogyakarta shared with us his experience in using hotel system from Caption Hospitality.

Pondok Aldilla Syariah Yogyakarta

Pondok Aldila Syariah

As a hotel with syariah concept, Pondok Aldilla Syariah Yogyakarta understands well that the concept itself can be a boomerang if it is not well managed. Its syariah concept makes a lot of difference when it comes to business and operational. One of it is how syariah values has big influence on hotel operational and even the marketing plan. This includes the policy to only accept married couple and family as the customer. However, it doesn’t mean that Pondok Aldilla Syariah Yogyakarta can’t compete on the modern hotel business.

Among his busy schedules, Mr Danu spared his time to share with us his experience while using Caption’s product for the past month. As a hotel with limited segmentation, Pondok Aldilla Syariah Yogyakarta is not going full force in selling its rooms on online travel agent (OTA). This meant not only to limit the kind of guests that can book on their hotel, but also to increase their non-commissioned revenue. All these times, offline travel agent is still the best distribution channel for Pondok Aldilla Syariah Yogyakarta to compete with its competitors around it.

Even though they’ve just been operating for a year, the occupancy rate that keeps rocketing makes the management overwhelmed in handling the customers. Mr Danu shared that human error in data recording when handling customers is the most common mistake that usually made by his staffs. The manual system that used by the hotel makes the risk of making mistakes when recording guest information becomes higher. And even though it sounds like a small thing, this will definitely affect hotel operation in a whole.

Lobby Pondok Aldilla Syariah

Hotel revenue recording is also at stakes when using manual system. When there’s a mistake on the information at the front desk, hotel revenue will definitely affected. Miscalculation is also a possible risk when using a manual system in hotel operation. This situation then aspired Aldilla Hotel management to start using a hotel system. And the management felt that Caption Hospitality product was the choice to start to adapt with technology.

Now Pondok Aldilla Syariah Yogyakarta has been using all of Caption’s products. For front desk, all the staffs in Pondok Aldilla Syariah Yogyakarta has been using Crono POS in hotel daily operation. Not only that the system makes it easier for the staffs to do a reservation, this system also helps a lot in checking in and checking out the guests. This is surely affecting the guest experience and leveraging the hotel service that they can offer to their customer. On the other side, Crono POS also makes it easier for the staffs to handle the payment from the guests using the Payment menu on it. A computerized recording will surely lessen the possibility of human error.

Not only Crono POS, Pondok Aldilla Syariah Yogyakarta is also using Crono Dashboard for the staffs in managerial level. As the general manager, Crono Dashboard becomes Mr Danu’s favorite. This system is carefully designed to meet the needs of managerial staffs in hotel industry. One of his favorite features is the easiness in report generating when using Crono Dashboard. This system allows him to generate report in the easiest way, just by a single click. As a general manager, this helps him a lot in generating reports to the owner. This will also lessen the possibility of human error without needing to open the notebooks one by one.

These are the stories from one of our clients that currently using our products. The free trial promo is still available for you to grab. Are you interested to apply? Contact us now


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