Mid-Year Highlights of Travel Trends in 2016

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As we have gone halfway through 2016, there are reviews and reports about travel trends that already released. The past and on-going trends are powerful tools if you want to reflect your strategy. It means that you can still plan your business to win the half year battle ahead. 

This article will help you as hotel owners and managers to understand the real demands of your potential customers. You can use this to help you to make the better strategies for your hotel. In case you’re curious, read along to find out the mid-year highlights of 2016 travel trends in hospitality industry.

Emerging numbers of Chinese traveler

One of the most predicted ones in 2016 travel trends is the emerging numbers of Chinese traveler. Chinese travelers today represent the most profitable market for travel worldwide due to its emerging numbers. According to SiteMinder, Chinese traveler spent around $125 billion for international travel in 2015.

You can attract them to stay in your accommodation by creating special marketing campaign for Chinese traveler. The easiest way to do this is by providing local tour in Chinese language or offering Chinese menu on your restaurant. You can also try to make special partnership with Chinese travel agent so they can stay in your hotel.

Guest loyalty program

This is one of the most surprising facts in 2016 travel trends. It is surprisingly discovered that the key to customers’ heart is through loyalty programs. By having guest loyalty member cards, customers would likely to be more enthusiastic because they feel like they get the best value. Thus, it influences guests’ decisions to book in your hotel.

Guest loyalty program can be used in hotels in all size and with varying strategies. Bigger hotel chains like JW Marriot may be able to offer free wi-fi, mobile check-in and more free stays as rewards when customers join the loyalty program. Other hotel like Hilton also encourage its customers to book directly to their website by offering 10% discount.

You can always customize the loyalty promotion depends on what your business need. For example, you can give point rewards for every visit the guest makes. They then can redeem the points with perhaps free meals in your hotel’s cafe or a special package from you.

People travel for health and wellness

In this modern age, present-day travelers find getaway places to focus on relaxation and indulgence as an additional plan while exploring new places. The healthy option is now seen as more than just lifestyle. This is the new item in travel trends which you can use as an idea to boost your business. You can capitalize this demand by offering several facilities to them. 

One of the examples is by adding ‘healing’ activities. This kind of traveler usually seek for hotels that support their rejuvenating session. They find traveling as a way to escape from stress in their daily lives. You can offer yoga classes, fitness centre and meditation areas to your guests as an additional value to your business.

Second strategy can also includes offering healthy menus. People these days seek for a healthier choice of food even if they are traveling. By offering healthy food in your hotel menus, people will likely go to your hotel because you offer ‘unique’ menu. This could be an alternatives for those who seek healthy meal.

Last but not least, you can also try to partner up with local spa and massage services. Your little business may not able to offer facilities like spa and massage, but you can always partnering with other local businesses and perhaps give extra discounts. With this, you will also help other services in your local area.

Metasearch is a power

It is true that the internet age has been happening for the past years. This also happens in travel trends, where metasearch become something that more and more important these days.

Metasearch is an engine that take results from other search engines or online travel agent’s (OTA) engine.

Unlike search engine that look inside the internet world to find what you want, metasearch works in a different way. It collects the results from search engines and then compile the results in a large list. Some examples of metasearch in travel industry includes Trivago, Skyscanner and Wego. Many Metasearch engines offer direct booking for hotels which usually costs much lower than commissions to OTAs, so you can make this as an option for potential partners to your accommodations.

Added value facilities is important

Traveler these days see hotel not only as a place to rest at night. They also need an added value for their whole travel experience. This affects the result of travel trends in this midyear where additional facilities are seen as important aspect by the guests. Most of the guest will prefer hotels with added facilities because they see it as a beneficial point when they choose a place to stay.

Accommodation that serves better deal, such as fast and free wi-fi, will be their priority. This might sounds like a big budget for you, but actually you can also play it cool. You don’t have to offer extravagant amenities, because they only demand for small things like plenty of charging stations and free parking area.

Learning these points from the mid-year travel trends highlights, you still have the chance to change your business strategy. It’s not impossible to enhance your business by changing plan and elevate your game plan. We hope that you can take significant steps to gain more guests and boosts revenues this year.

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