Rethink: Work Spaces


Caption is a company that works within the hospitality industry. Our company aims to Rethink, Reposition and Reinvent this industry from a Customer Centric perspective.

What we trying to achieve?
We are trying to create a conducive work environment. We create every corner in the office with many considerations. We want our office feels like home because we spent our time mostly in the office. That is why we make our office as comfortable as it could. We have several facilities that will make our staff feel pleasant. We have a playroom in which contain billiard and Xbox. Other than that, we also have a nap room so that our employee could have a rest in the break time.

What if there is a better way to create a conducive and productive environment?


The lightings – As it states before, we design every corner in our office with many considerations, even the lighting. All the light in the workspace is mostly in yellow colour. Why we choose Incandescent bulbs instead of others? Incandescent create a warm environment and also make it feel like in the cafe. The environment of the cafe brings a peaceful place and relaxing that is what we want our office feels like.

The walls


Choice of colours – Matt Grey and White walls

Matt Grey – Basic yet cosy feeling. Besides, we choose the grey one because we want to bring our company identity in the office. The company color are red, orange, blue and black. We used to paint it in black but we choose the matt grey instead, because black is too dark.

White – To reflect the lighting off from the windows and internal lighting. Other that that, the white wall is very usefull if we want to have presentation using projector.

Rather than hanging pictures and paintings on the wall, we decided to customise the wall with mural paintings to inspire us daily. We had all the quotes resigned and later painted on the walls.

Quotes that inspire us such as

There’s a way to do it better find it by Thomas Alva Edison.

This messages is to give a spirit and think outside the box.


This is one of our quotes design in our office.

The furnitures  Weighing our options, we are unable to find ready made furnitures that suits our budget and directions. Hence we decided to source carpenters and raw materials to customise our furnitures.

Work Desk  We have our office tables customised with 2 major objectives in mind.

1) Easily movable
2) Durability

Our table is made out of 2 main materials, pine wood and steel. The design is 120 cm by 60 cm, this allows the table to be easily configurable in any type of seating arrangement, meetings, talks, mini conference etc.

Sofa Set – We wanted a sofa set that brings out the character of 70s jogja furniture and comfy. We source a supplier that eventually took an old “grandpa’s sofa” refurbished with new upholstery and cushion.

To compliment to this set of sofa, we took an old teak wooden window from jogja housing, welded the table legs and added a glass piece to be our coffee table.


Meeting Tables and Chairs – Our meeting table has a long history of our previous office. We refurbished the teak table and ordered rattan chairs from supplier our of town. To make the chair fit the whole office environment we requested to paint the original rattan colour to black to add the classy element as well as to fit our wall colour of white and grey.

Spaces – We embrace an open concept office environment where there are no walls between management and employees. One of the most contagious problem that most companies have is “Office Politics”, most root problems are caused by miscommunications and segregation of teams. Although we have an open concept, this still allows individuals to personalise and feel conducive in their private desk area.

Knowledge We have imported a huge selection of books which are not easily available within Jogja. Part of our company beliefe is to keep learning and increasing our knowledge in the process. More knowledgeable employees = better quality work.

Games Our beliefe – a team that works together and play together will win together. At caption we strongly promote teamwork. It takes time for individuals to develop team synergy and “click”.


Hence we have games such as Pool Table, Uno, Xbox and Table Tennis table without our office to allow employees to take time off work and develop team play synergies through games.

What others say or feel about Caption and our space?

We did an interview with our interns about the experience working with us

1 (1)

What do you think about Caption?

Caption is really good place to learn the actual work. I got many lessons here. The people are also good and friendly. I really really really like being here. – Nungky Rachmawati, Business Development Junior Intern.

Do you think that caption is different to others?

Yes, because Caption is a place that I can explore my capability and I can share my knowledge from my university at Caption. Also Caption has good environment. I love being here. – Anita Rahmawati, Quality Assurance Junior Intern.

What comes up to your mind when you hear Caption Hospitality?

Fun but serious. The co-founders really humble and you can learn many things from them. – Wyllson Parulian Hutagaol, Business Development Junior Intern.

Do you like to work here?

Yes. Caption is the real example of work hard play hard lol. Caption have playroom and nap room that we can use it to refresh. Other than that, I LOVE THE LUNCH! Lunchtime at Caption is the best, I bet you can’t find it anywhere else. Caption provides lunch in the office. This saves us the hassle of trying to go out looking for a place to dine. -Rusma Megasari, Human Resource Junior Intern.

If you have a chance to extend or shortens the duration of your internship program, what will you choose?

Although I’m in my fifth semester now, I will choose to extend my internship program. Being intern here is a big opportunity for me, more time you’ll spend here more experience and skills you’ll get. – Rusdini Sidqin, Business Operation Junior intern.


Having a space with nice furnitures, facilities are just Xbox, Table Tennis, and Pool Table is all just part of an equation of the culture we are trying to build.

As Caption, we have strong values and we abide to and everyone within the team believes and contribute towards our believes and company together. We created a “Tribe” like culture where everyone’s involvement, opinion and contribution is valued on how to continue striving to make a better work space environment.


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