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How To Develop Revenue Management Strategies in Indonesia

Tourism is one of fast-growing industries in Indonesia. With stable economic growth and development across the country, now we can see growth of number of tourist in Indonesia. With more than 10 millions foreign tourists and more than 200 million domestic travels across the country in 2016, it shows how big potential this country has […]

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Marketing Tool Hacks for Independent Hotels

When you’re an independent hotel, mastering marketing tool is essential for your business. Being the little David in a David vs Goliath environment of hotel competition, gaining a guest is becoming harder every year. Perhaps you don’t have the large budget to spend on marketing, but actually it’s not really a problem. In order to reach […]

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Social Media Marketing 101 for Hotels

Social media marketing is one of the most fundamental keys in modern business. Not only for personal networking, social media is also beneficial for businesses to market their product or service to customers.  Those who have applied the tricks admit that they have experienced huge benefit on their businesses. These benefits include the opportunity to interact […]

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Transforming into Sustainable Hotel in Easy Steps

The need for sustainable hotel has been skyrocketing for the past years.  In tourism industry, hotels are notorious in wasting energy from the abundant use of electricity and water. In the world where sustainability has become a major concern, hotels can’t deny the trend anymore. Consumers are interested in a sustainable and green practice, therefore being […]

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How to Improve Your Hotel Website for a Better Booking Experience

Modern hotel competition pushes hotels to provide booking engine on their website. With most of travelers do their booking process online, creating a top booking experience is crucial to drive more revenue.   Unfortunately, online booking abandonment rate of travelers are high. According to SalesCycle survey, 81% of consumers abandon their online travel booking. Although major reasons for abandon […]

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Modern Challenges in Hotel Management

Working with hotel management could be a painful effort for some. We should give our best to perform our service, while we also need to focus in managing our hotel revenue. Unfortunately, while most hotel have given their best, there might be several issues that they missed out, which prevents them from achieving the best hotel performance. Here […]

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