The New Emerging Market for Hotels: Exhausted Millennial Travelers

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The battle of modern hotel competition has brought us to the next level of hotel marketing. Aside the challenging battlefield to market your hotel, hotel owner is now faced with the obligation to improve their websites, transforming into a sustainable one, adapt themselves to millennials generation and many other things. But it’s not just about bad news, here’s a good news about the new market that you can consider for your hotel. Now you can count the millennial travelers as the new and promising market for your hotel industry.

The shifting in the traveling pattern has affecting hotel industry because traveler spend less and less time in the hotel. But it doesn’t mean the end of the hotel industry. Here’s a brief overview from Caption to help you to know about exhausting millennial travelers and how to see them as potential market for your hotel.

Who are they?

The trend of cheap travel has been changing the pattern of travelers in enjoying their time while traveling. Cheap flights and cheap accommodations has been a hot sell for the past year. These things push travelers to constantly move and spend less time staying in one place. Here’s when exhausting millennial travelers was born.

Talking about definition, millennial travelers could refer to travelers who born between 1980 into 2000. Moreover, millennial travelers are characterized for their thirst of exploration.

These tech-savvy travelers are not afraid about posting their travel journey in social media and share the world their experience. They don’t think twice about booking a flight online, booking online for a last minute hotel or restaurant recommendation, or even spending the night in a stranger’s home in a city a thousand miles away from home.

The spirit to travel more is high among these people. And this is why they are often feel exhausted and tired between the trips.

In an almost desperate attempt to win them over, the travel industry is throwing everything they’ve got at them – building niche brands, introducing mobile-driven amenities and just trying to be hip enough to be mattered. What the industry needs to understand is that this is not a demographic phenomenon of the peer-influenced, over-sharing millennial. It’s a change in our culture that won’t just follow this generation. It will establish the foundation for the next generation of tech-enabled travel experience that drives more options, more freedom of choice and ultimately more revenue opportunity for the industry.

In general, we can say that exhausted millennial travelers are the kind of travelers that desperately need the combination between a very good sleep and a gadget-friendly environment. And here’s where you as a hotel owner can see them as a potential market.

How can you, as a hotel owner, respond them?

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The very first step to start to see them as a potential market is by understanding their needs. Exhausted millennial travelers are generally very close with technology and access to technology means a lot to them. Here you can design your hotel to be more tech friendly as it can be to provide what they need.

Provide sound-proof walls

The sound-proof walls might sounds paltry, but it is a good-selling point to drive millennial travelers into your hotel. The noisy sound from the next room is often being the reason why some people can’t get a good sleep. And here you can prevent your exhausting millennial customers from bearing that pain of having no good sleep. The installation of sound-proof walls could sounds like a big money for your hotel, but it’s a clever investment to prepare your business for the new market.

Offer special turndown service

Offering turndown service might sounds ordinary for some hotels. But you can really improve your hotel to meet the needs of millennial travelers on this. Try to offer a special turndown service dedicated to create a better sleep for your customer. A turndown service doesn’t always mean a fancy service, you can simply offer to play soft music from the embedded speaker to make your customer sleep better. You can also offer them for a bedtime call to remind them to turn off their gadgets several minutes before they sleep.

Abundant amount of power socket

As we know, millennial travelers can’t live without electricity supply and their gadget. Here you can win them over by providing abundant amount of power socket on your hotel room. Don’t be hesitate to offer extra socket because they must be need additional power supply to power up their gadgets. Don’t forget to place the socket near the bedroom to give easier access for them to charge their phone from their bed.

Add some good-sleep-dedicated gadget

If you want to make this a serious business, you can also invest on sleep gadgets to drive even more millennial travelers into your hotel. There are wide range of gadgets that dedicated to make someone’s sleep be better. For example, you can install a dawn simulator to wake up your customer in a comfortable way. This gadget will simulate someone to wake up naturally by playing soft music and simulating sun rays from the LED lamp installed on the device. This way, their hard-earned good sleep won’t be ruined by an annoying wake up call from your front office.

Create some relaxing extras

If adding these services means a burden to your budget, you can also turn some of the existing facilities into a dedicated service for these exhausted millennial travelers. Some of your customers may suffer extreme fatigue after travel and the best thing you can offer to them is the relaxing massage on your spa. Even when you don’t have a dedicated spa on your hotel, you can try to offer them a discounted massage service on the spa nearby. You can also offer a chamomile tea an hour before the bedtime to enhance your customer’s sleep. Simple yet very effective, right?

Offer sleep kits

When you are extremely tired after a long trip, recover from travel fatigue is surely the priority for you. You can help your millennial guests to revive themselves by offering sleep kits to improve their sleep. Try to offer a dedicated kits consists of simple gadgets to help them to get the better sleep. You can fill the kits with earplugs, chamomile oil, or even travel sleep pillow for them to use on their way home. You can also offer a sleep kits for children consists of bedtime stories and cute nightlights to accomodate young guests.

How can you attract them into your hotel?

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After understanding how to make your hotel attractive for the millennial travelers, this is the time for you to attract them to stay in your rooms. These tricks above are nothing without a good marketing to acknowledge these potential guests of the added value that you have on your hotel. You can follow the simple steps below to attract them to book directly to your hotel.

Highlight these services on your website

The very first thing you should do is to highlight these services on your website. You don’t expect your potential guests to find out these services all by themselves and force them to discover clicks by clicks on your website, right? That’s why highlighting these services on the front page of your website is important to make it clear for your guests that you offer such thing like that.

It is not only about displaying these services on the front page, you should also offer a great booking experience for these potential guests. Make sure that you have an improved website with great booking engine and simple design to attract even more guests. A responsive website is mandatory to ensure that they won’t get lost on the infinite loading you have on your site.

Offer interesting promo

After highlighting these interesting services, the next thing to do is to create an attractive promo for them. You can offer them a special room rate or a free morning coffee to attract more customers. It doesn’t always need to be about the price. For example, you can simply add a simple add-ons value into your rooms to make it more valuable. For example, you can offer a discounted price for bundled rooms with sleep kits. This way, you can drive more millennial travelers because they can see that it’s affordable for them.

You can also try to bundle the romantic package with the dedicated packages above to drive even more targeted customers. Try to offer a special rate for millennial couples to stay on your hotel. Provide them a romantic room with dedicated service to make their sleep better. It’s not that complicated, right?

The modern challenges in hotel industry push hotels to prepare themselves for wide range of customers. The modern day means you need to gear yourself up with new kind of marketing strategy as well.

It doesn’t mean that you have to shower your marketing division with endless money. Your plan just need be smart to win the battle. And if you can apply these suggestions, you can surely drive more millennial travelers to stay on your hotel.

What do you think about these suggestions? Do you have more things to be shared about this? Let’s share on the comment below.



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