Ultimate Tricks for Hotel to Avoid Negative Review

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In the era of the internet, getting negative review in the internet means bad for your business. The new habit to seek for validation means that they will read everything before they decide to book. It means that the more you get bad reviews, the less of the opportunity for you to reach the potential guests. Knowing how to avoid negative review for hotel means because this could be the end of your business.

Do you know 67% of the traveler are abandoning the booking after seeing 1-3 bad reviews on TripAdvisor page.

But to avoid negative review for hotel doesn’t mean that you have to play hide and seek with your customers. Deleting review means nothing because customers are reviewing through many other platforms as well. This means that you have to be careful in maintaining your page and resolving the negative reviews that you get. But how exactly to do that?
Service should be the foundation in hospitality industry. It means that you have to be focused in improving your service above everything else. In case you’re curious in how to avoid negative review for hotel, read along to find out how.

  • Know the source

The very first thing you should do to avoid negative review for hotel is surely to understand it. The various platforms that available means that there are more platforms for your customers to give review. It doesn’t mean that you should handle each of the platform, you just need to know which platform works the best for your market.

As we know, the biggest review platform is TripAdvisor. The wide audience allows the review to be seen by more than 50 million of users all around the world. It means that in today’s hotel competition, TripAdvisor is one of the most influencing review you should pay attention to. To find out how to boost your TripAdvisor ranking, you can read more here.

  • Take it as a valuable resource

Reading negative review could be a hurtful thing to do when you see it as something that striking your business. One thing you can do to avoid negative review for hotel is surely to see it as resourceful thing to the hotel business itself. Try to see that these negative comments are actually giving a free inspection to your service and telling you which aspect that you should improve.

Negative reviews are actually valuable resource for you to grow your hotel business even more. As we know, the root of hospitality business is on the service. Thus, improving your hotel service is fundamental to improve your business as a whole. It means that evaluating these negative comments are important to see which service on your hotel that needs to be improved.

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  • Make amends

There’s really nothing wrong with negative review on the internet. As an industry, it is impossible for us to achieve perfection and making mistake is very human. It is also impossible to please each one of your guest, especially when you are operating a small and independent hotel with limited resource in service and infrastructure. But it doesn’t mean that you have to give up your business when some guests are giving bad reviews about your hotel on some review sites.

The clever thing to fix it is surely by making amends to the disappointed customers that you have. You can send some gifts or simply a greeting card saying how sorry you are for the inconvenience that they feel. If you can spend more, you can also improvise in sending a free stay card or free breakfast for the disappointed guests to win their heart back. Sure, it doesn’t work that well for each of the guest but it’s worth to try to fix your reputation online.

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  • Take every review seriously and fix the actual problem

There’s actually nothing you can do to avoid negative review for hotel except improving your hotel. The ultimate trick to decrease the amount of negative review that you get is surely to repair the damage. Try to really look at the problem from each of the review and try your best to fix it. Especially when the service is the main content of the review, you should really look into it and really fix the problem.

When you’re getting a bad review, there’s nothing beat an improved service to answer the doubt. Make sure that each reviews are being handled professionally and the problem is really being fixed. This way, if there’s a chance for that customer to come back to your hotel then they won’t face the same problem again.

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  • Make your guest experience survey useful

Other thing you can do to avoid negative review for hotel is to make use of your guest experience survey. While most of guest experience survey is just about the number, you can get out from this tradition and invent your own kind of survey. Try to ask your guests personally on how they feel about staying in your hotel. If it is necessary, take time to ask them one by one to get the honest feedback from them. Even though it sounds like an exhausting effort, this will give you benefit of having a clear picture of how you perform. That way, you can really understand in which aspect of your service that you should improve.

So, what do you think? Getting negative review on TripAdvisor is not the end of your business. When you see the bright side, it’s actually a valuable asset that you can capitalize and help your hotel to be a better one. When you understand how to avoid and how to respond to these negative reviews, the bright future of your hotel is just right on the next step.


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