Simple Steps to Find the Perfect Channel Manager for Your Hotel (part 1)

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The word channel manager must be familiar for modern hotelier. As we know, modern hotel competition forces us to be involved with online travel agent (OTA). It is hard to deny the helpful use of OTA; as it’s been proved to be very useful to win the modern hotel competition. The dependency of the hotels to OTA can be seen by the numbers of OTAs that a hotel can join. A single hotel can join more than one OTA because it’s hard to pick which OTA that works the best. And here’s where the role of a perfect channel manager become very important for your hotel business. In this article, Caption will give some advice to help you decide most suitable channel manager for your hotel.

What is channel manager?

In a nutshell, a channel management is a platform that allows hotelier to manage multiple online distribution channels. In

When talking about modern hotel business, channel manager usually functioned as the platform to bridge the hotel owner with multiple OTA at once. When have more than one connection to OTA, this must be frustrating to manage them all at once. And this is why you may need to connect yourself to a perfect channel manager to help you with that.

The cost to connect to a channel manager might sounds a little bit burdening to your budget. Even though there are some options to connect to a free channel manager, the paid one is always better. In finding the perfect channel manager, it’s not only hotel channel manager comparison that you need to seek. You should also consider the criteria below to pick the best one for your hotel business.

hotel revenue analysis


What should you see in a channel manager?

In a journey to find the perfect channel manager for your hotel, you should notice these characteristics below to see if the channel manager that you have is really the perfect one for you.

  • Connection type

It is important to take your time and look at the connection type that your channel manager have. The connection type that you need might be different with other hotels because each hotel need a different kind of connection type as well. Some channel managers aren’t capable of building XML links to send rates and inventory to their own tools; makes it nothing easier for you to manage your hotel. That’s why it is important to understand the connection type that a channel manager has. Don’t be hesitate to ask to the sales manager about this to make sure that you pick the perfect channel manager for your hotel.

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  • Basic functionalities

The very fundamental function of a channel manager for hotel is surely to help you to manage the inventory across the channels simultaneously. When we’re trying to reach that, there are some basic functionalities that must be there, such as Stop sell option, Minimum length of stay (MLOS) and of course the ability to change rates and inventory. These things are mandatory functionalities in a channel manager that you need to have.

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  • Push or pull and push

A push strategy places the product in front of the customer to make sure the consumer is aware of the existence of the product. This can work well when manufacturers have an established relationship with customers or when the product is an impulse purchase-type item. Meanwhile a pull strategy motivates customers to actively seek out a specific product and it best for new products or in the case when a manufacturer has a strong and visible brand. In channel manager, there’s the strategy that combines both of them which called Pull and Push strategy.

In finding the perfect channel manager for your hotel, take your time to look into the strategy that they have. The push strategy is a good choice for a well-established hotel that already have the reputation on the market.

Meanwhile the combination between pull and push strategy is needed when you have a small hotel and need to acknowledge it more to your customer.

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  • Flexibility to connect to a new channel

One of the important things you need to see in a channel manager is the easiness to connect to a new channel. As we know, hotel business can grow rapidly and sometimes you need to connect to a new channel to strengthen your business as a whole. It is important then to know how long does it take to add a channel to the set of channels that you are managing. You also need to understand, on what basis does the channel management provider select channels that they will build connections to? Are there any requirements for that? These questions are critical to find the perfect channel manager that suits your hotel the best.

  • Simultaneously manage

Especially when you are connected to more than one channel, simultaneousness is a must. It is important to have a channel manager that is reliable to manage your activities all across the channels. When you’re looking for a channel manager, make sure that you learn how many channels that that channel manager can handle simultaneously. You also need to understand how many room types they can handle on each of these channels.

When you have multiple room types, it’s important to have a channel manager that can manage various kinds of information at once. That must be frustrating to update each of the inventory manually. And sure, that will be the fact when your channel manager doesn’t have the ability to do that. To avoid yourself from wasting your money, make sure that you really look into this.

Finding the perfect channel manager is not easy. The more fundamental thing to do is actually to learn more about your property. When you understanding your property well, it’s easier to find the perfect channel manager that suits you. Are you ready to look up more about this on the next article?


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