Understanding Point of Sales Software for Hotel

Hotel industry these days has been growing rapidly. Not only on service, the growth also happen in terms of marketing and business strategy. If ten years ago promotion can only be conducted via advertisement on magazine or newspaper, now you can even do that via social media. This also happen on hotel service. If ten years ago hotel operation can be handled by notebook, point of sales software is now an important element in hotel industry. This shows how much technology has changed the face of the industry itself.

But what is point of sales software? Even though it has essential role in hotel industry, not many hotelier that understand it. If you want to know more about point of sales software, here Caption will give you a brief explanation on this magic tool.

What is point of sales software?

In a nutshell, point of sales is a system that usually used on cashier. In any businesses, the activity on the cashier is essential for the business itself. This also applied in hotel industry. Point of sales software for hotel usually used to handle reservation and basically everything related to transaction. Not only on the form of software, some companies are also developing point of sales application you can access on smartphone.

Not only for transaction, some POS softwares (point of sales) are designed to be able to perform more. Practicality is the reason why companies are developing POS software that also stand as hotel channel manager. This will surely help hotelier to manage their hotel because every booking from OTA will also being recorded on the system.

Why POS system is important for your hotel?

Adapting with technology

The rapid development of technology requires hotel to adapt with technology as well. If ten years ago you can record all reservation manually on your notebook, it’s hard to do that now. Imagine when you have to handle couple of guests at once and you need to write down each of the information manually. That must be a nightmare for your front office staff. This is why POS software is essential to keep your business relevant with technology itself. Matter of fact, when your competitors are all adapting with technology, do you want to stand still behind?

Make your hotel operational faster

The development of technology will not only affecting your business on financial terms. This also happen on your guests. If in the past they don’t mind to wait for the long time of check in process, now they will not. Time is precious and surely your guest will not want to waste their time just for an exhausting check in process. The effectiveness of the service becomes the essence of modern hotel industry. This is why you will surely need POS system for your hotel. POS software will help you to record your guests’ information in faster and more accurate way. This will surely help you to create a comfortable hotel service for your guest, right?

Easy and practical

Not only that your guest need a fast and effective service, technology also affect your distribution channel. If ten years ago distribution channel only means direct walk in, now you can find various other channels. OTA distribution is now a hot thing in hotel industry and you really can’t hide from that. This inspired some companies to develop a POS system that also integrated with channel manager system. It means that your POS software will be able to help you on handling check in process, you can even integrate your distribution channels with it. Imagine if you have various OTAs connected to your hotel without a proper hotel software. That must be frustrating for you to update the inventory in each OTA’s dashboard, right?

Eliminating human error

When you do something manually, there’s a huge risk that human error will come along the way. In hotel industry, the potential of human error can really affect your business because it is closely related to your revenue. when you manage your hotel manually, there is a risk that your staff will miswrite the bill or your guests’ name. Such mistakes can be avoided if you handle everything with a POS software. Computerized system will not only help you to do everything faster, the risk of mistake will also lower.

StockSnap_4AY00IIKGZWhat kind of POS software that you need?

Now that you understand the benefit of using POS software, it’s time for you to pick the right POS system for your hotel. So, what are the characteristics that you need from a POS software?

Simple design and easy to use

The very first thing that crucial for a POS software is the design. The design on your POS software must be simple and easy to be understood by your staff. Since this software will mostly being used by your front office staff, you need to make sure that they will have no problem in using it for daily operation. A complicated design will only make it hard for your staff to use it, and end up make its functionality wasted.

Full functionality

Another characteristic that important for your POS software is surely its functionality. A point of sales software must have a full functionality that will help your daily hotel operation. If it’s possible, get yourself a POS software that can handle not only the reservation, but also the payment as well. If so, all kinds of hotel operation can be handled by this single software and you don’t need to bother yourself by installing another.

Integrated system

When it comes to the function, have a multifunctional POS software is surely critical to help your hotel operation. However, it’s also important to have integrated system within the software itself. A POS software that integrated with channel manager for example, will surely help you out with both hotel daily operation and distribution channel. Now you can get to two islands at once just by rowing a boat.

Wide accessibility

Equipping your hotel with a good hotel software means you will also need a wide accessibility on it. The ability to be accessed across various gadgets is crucial when it comes to a POS software. POS application on your smartphone will surely help you to maintain your hotel without the fuss to open your laptop. This means that you can even manage your hotel anywhere and anytime.

Affordable price

Last but not least, other important thing you need to consider when choosing a POS software is surely its price. A good POS software should not be a burden to your hotel budget. Matter of fact, the main goal of installing the software is to ease out your hotel operation, right? That’s why, burdening your hotel budget with quite expensive software price is not wise as well.

From the explanation above, we can see that point of sales software is inseparable from modern hotel operation. Its powerful functionality will surely help you to manage your hotel in ease. However, the decision comes back to you. It’s best for you to look inside your hotel management first before you decide to have one.

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