Unique Ideas for Hotel Service to Elevate Your Business

unique hotel service for better guest experience

Creating a good hotel service is nothing easy. As we know, hospitality industry should be based on the service. service should be the most important aspect above anything else. You can have a 5 star hotel in physical but if your service is poor then it doesn’t mean anything to your business. Modern travelers are seeking the comfort on their stay and offering unique hotel service is the thing that you can do to elevate your business. So, what are the ideas for hotel service that could help you in this?

Talking about hotel service, it’s hard to deny that each travelers are seeking different kind of service.

A young traveler would seek for fast WiFi connection in the hotel, while a family traveler will look for a kids-friendly design on their hotel. However, they have something in common that you can use in seeking the perfect ideas for hotel service on your property; the uniqueness. Personalization has been the new big thing in hotel industry. The growth of accommodations these days require you to get new ideas for hotel to make your property stands out among the others. And if you’re looking for some ideas for hotel service that you can try on your property, here Caption gives some inspirations.

  • Pre-arrival service

Who says that offering a great service for your guest can only start when they arrive at your hotel? You can even start everything before they take any steps into your hotel. Try to steal this idea by sendingĀ a pre-arrival e-mail to your customer few days before their arrival date. You can use this e-mail to ask them about anything else that they may need upon their stay.

This might sounds like a simple thing, but it means a lot to your customer because they see that you pay a lot of attention to their arrival.

You can also use this e-mail to offer them some additional services that they might be interested to. Something like airport transfer, parking, romantic package or maybe special breakfast request are the great ways to boost your sale. You can also offer tickets for nearby attractions on your hotel. This way, they can be interested to stay longer on your hotel.

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  • Guest arrival service

One of the ideas for hotel service that you can try is to polish up your guest arrival service. Giving mineral water or warm towel might sound ordinary in hotel service. You can step up the game by offering something new and original to give a warm welcome to your guest. Something like a warm soup or a tea party could be the original idea to welcome your guest in a unique way. In the era of over-sharing, unique stuffs like that will be a good idea to market your hotel because your guest may share that experience with their friends on the social media.

  • Pet rental

If you’re looking for original yet unique ideas for hotel service, pet rental might sounds interesting. The logic is simple; to offer companion for solo-traveler when they stay on your hotel. You can offer them to rent pets like dogs, cats or maybe a goldfish to keep them company while they’re staying on your hotel. Especially for pet lovers, this service might be one of the best thing that they can see in a hotel. For family travelers, this service can also be a good way to teach younger kids about loving animals. Isn’t that a brilliant idea to market your hotel even more?

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hotel pet service

  • Culinary recommendation cards

When you’re traveling into some places, culinary experience is one of the things that you must be interested in. The experience to taste local food is one of the most-hunted experiences that travelers usually seek during travel. And as you know, travelers usually ask front desk for recommendation about culinary spots on the town. You can use this as the ideas for hotel service on your property by offering culinary recommendation cards for those who stay on your hotel.

Instead of answering the same question over and over again, you can cut the fuss by using these cards.

So how does it works? It’s actually really simple. You can make name-card-sized cards contain information of famous culinary spots on your city. Don’t forget to place these cards on your front desk where guest can easily spot it on when they pass by. These small cards is the innovative idea for hotel front desk because they don’t need to answer the same question about culinary recommendation over and over. It is simple yet unique, right?

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  • Sleep kits rental

Sometimes some travelers are going somewhere just to get a satisfying sleep; something that they have been missing due to tight daily schedule or work. At other times, some travelers are just too exhausting when they arrive at the hotel due to the long flight that they take to arrive on their destination. You can help these poor travelers by offering sleep kits rental to enhance their sleep on your hotel.

Among all the other ideas for hotel service, this is something that you can actually monetize. You can offer them to rent a sleep kit that contains gadgets that can help them to get the better sleep. Some stuffs like fluffy additional pillow, eye cover, bluetooth headset or maybe a dedicated sleep gadget to enhance their sleep with ultrasound; you can really be creative on this. And if they’re interested, they can also have these kits by buying them. Sounds like an interesting way to get money, right?

  • Kids book rental

When you travel with young children, getting them to sleep sounds like a challenging thing to do. Especially when they’re far away from home and maybe get some home-sick feeling, putting them into bed might be an impossible mission to do. You can help these parents to solve that problem by offering kids book rental on your hotel.

The concept is actually very simple. You can offer them to rent some books that they can use for bedtime story. This would be a big help for these parents because kids are easier to get sleep when they have a good book to read. This idea is also useful for some parents to avoid their kids from being bored during the stay on your hotel. That sounds like a win-win solution for both you and these parents, right?

So, what do you think about these unique ideas for hotel service? You may question yourself on how to improve hotel facilities, but the actual answer for this is actually on the improvement on your service. These unique hotel service ideas might be the savior for your hotel and hopefully will help your hotel to get the optimum revenue.


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