Utilizing Social Media for Hotel Marketing (Part 1)

hotel marketing through social media

The digital age has been known to be useful for hotel. We can see so many examples of the use of social media for hotel marketing these days. The fact that most people are attached to social media is a good potential for hotel to utilize this as well. The marketing trend is now not only about putting television commercials and getting a cover up on magazines. You can now even market your hotel via social media. And sure, that’s critical as well for you to learn how.

In utilizing social media for hotel marketing, you need to keep in mind that social media works its own way. You can’t use the same approach to work on this channel. Using social media for marketing is not easy, but it doesn’t mean that you can make use of it. The dynamic pattern of the use of social media in the young generation needs to be the fundamental of your marketing. And sure, without knowing how to use the social media properly then you can’t utilize this for your hotel marketing.

social media for hotelWhy should you use social media for your hotel marketing?

Before moving to the steps, it’s important to understand the reason why you should use social media for hotel marketing. Even though it’s a common sense that using social media for hotel marketing is a smart move, we need to understand why. Here Caption gives you some reasons why utilizing social media for hotel marketing is not only a smart move, but also a powerful one.

Large scope

The first and the most obvious one is surely because of its large scope. As we know, social media has a broad coverage. It is not only cover a regional and national only. If you want to, you can even market your hotel to the customer abroad. And sure, that’s a big opportunity to take. Can you imagine that you can reach out to people even thousand miles away from your hotel?

Thanks to the high penetration of internet, now almost 80% of people are connected with social media. For millennials generation, their attachment to social media is even higher. They are connected with social media almost every second everyday. Thus, using social media for hotel marketing is surely a powerful step. Not only that you can reach out these millennials, you can also create a new market for your hotel business.

Brand Building

The wonderful thing about social media is that you can build your brand through it. Social media is known to be a big billboard where you can create a particular image about your business. Whether you want it to look expensive, affordable or cheap; you can do it all with the help of social media. Its ability to create a particular impression to the user makes it easy for businesses to make use of it as a marketing tool.

Displaying strong online presence is a good step to build your business reputation. And sure, you can do this just by managing your social media. Your business’ presence in social media means more than just looking for a profit. Moreover, you can also build a strong impression to your existing and new customer. When you can create a brand awareness, it’s easy then for you to attract new customer.

Product Showcase

As mentioned before, social media is a powerful tool when it comes to marketing. Especially when you know how to do it right, it can help you a lot with your revenue. Not only that you can build a relationship with your customer, you can also showcase your product through it. Just like a product brochure, social media can be used to display the product that you have. And when it comes to hotel, you can also use it to showcase how wonderful it is to stay at your accommodation.

If several years ago it is impossible to let people know about your hotel without putting commercial in TV, now you can do that with social media. Just put some nice photo on your Instagram and Facebook to do the trick. You can attract not only the existing customer to stay again, but also attracting new guest to coming in. In this social media era, putting a nice photo is a powerful tool to attract customer. And you really can’t undermine its power to do so.

Company Trustworthiness

In the era of internet validation, putting your brand name in social media is not just playing with the trend. As we know, modern travelers are known to be very curious about the accommodation they’re going to stay in. They will search for the information as much as they can. The psychology of modern people take online presence seriously. After all, how can you ask them to trust you when they can’t even access information about your property anywhere?

Here’s where social media is playing its role. Putting your hotel into social media means that you can increase your brand trustworthiness. The more you’re being active in social media, people will actually trust your business more. Online presence is essential in modern business because people will keep searching for validation about your business.

Effective and Efficient

Not many of the hotelier believe that using social media for hotel marketing is actually cheaper than any other marketing source. We surely can argue on this, because using social media itself can mean so many different things for each business. However, when it comes to effectiveness we can say it different way. Spending money on utilizing social media for hotel marketing is surely more effective because of its large scope. You can reach more people with the same amount of money compared to the usual marketing channel. Isn’t that more efficient?

If we’re talking about money, making a social media account is completely free. When you’re utilizing it, you juts need one dedicated officer to handle it. The officer will need to make interaction, creating content and basically handle the account itself. And that’s all! That’s all you need to do in using social media for hotel marketing. So cheap compared to create TV commercial and printing ads on magazine, right?

See, using social media for hotel marketing really is a powerful action. The reasons above are more than enough to convince you to start using social media for your hotel marketing. Even though it sounds easy, not many of the business that can make the most of it. Although it’s already a common sense, most of the business are still hesitating to utilize it more. Regardless the tight competition, there’s always a space for you to capitalize. So, are you ready to learn the steps of utilizing social media for hotel marketing in the next article?


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