Utilizing Central Reservation System to Boost Your Hotel Operational

In this tight and competitive hospitality industry, it is crucial to manage hotel operation efficiently. As hotel expenses are keep increasing, hotelier need to carefully manage their operation cost. Although most of hotel already have their hotel operation costing plan, it is always better to take time to reflect how efficient our operation cost. It because there are many cases where hotels still face issue related to high operation expense and waste lot of resource. Therefore, hotelier need to take smart steps to reduce operation cost and minimize wastage. Therefore, achieving efficient hospitality operations is a must. The right central reservation system can be the answer for you to boost your hotel operational.

In the modern times, having the right tool for your hotel can mean so many things. Some hotels think that a POS software is the only thing that they need to help their daily operation. However, some POS software can only manage the reservation. Meanwhile when managing hotel, you have so many things to be handled aside from reservation. This is where a central reservation system can be the savior for your business. Here Caption gives you insight on why central reservation system is essential for your business.

What is central reservation system?

In a nutshell, central reservation system is the place where you can manage all of the reservations that you get from various channels. So, when you are getting booking from OTAs and your website, you can manage it all here. A central reservation system works to record the booking data from all the distribution channels that you have. It collects the data from various distribution channels you’re connected to and display it in one showcase. This means that you can get the real-time information on every booking that you get and you don’t need to open each of OTA’s dashboard to find out your booking record.

How central reservation system will help you?

Now that you know what a central reservation system is, we can move to the next level. Equipping your hotel with a central reservation system will surely help your hotel operational. Why? Here Caption gives you the reasons.

All your reservations in one place

When talking about managing hotel in modern days, handling reservations can be really frustrating. Imagine when you are connected to 10 OTAs at once, getting reservations from these OTAs will be a nightmare when you do it manually. You will have to open each of the OTA’s dashboard and manually inputting the data to your record. Here’s where a central reservation will help you. It collects the reservations from any channels into one place. This will surely make it easier for you to handle everything. All you need is just accessing your central reservation system. Say goodbye to the fuss of visiting each of OTA’s dashboard and updating inventory manually.

Make your hotel operational faster

The development of technology will not only affecting your business on financial terms. This also happen on your guests. If in the past they don’t mind to wait for the long time of check in process, now they will not. Time is precious and surely your guest will not want to waste their time just for an exhausting check in process. The effectiveness of the service becomes the essence of modern hotel industry. This is why you will surely need a central reservation system for your hotel. Central reservation system will help you to record your guests’ information in faster and more accurate way. This will surely help you to create a comfortable hotel service for your guest, right?

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Eliminating human error

When you do something manually, there’s a huge risk that human error will come along the way. In hotel industry, the potential of human error can really affect your business because it is closely related to your revenue. when you manage your hotel manually, there is a risk that your staff will miswrite the bill or your guests’ name. Such mistakes can be avoided if you handle everything with a central reservation system. Computerized system will not only help you to do everything faster, the risk of mistake will also lower.

Easier to evaluate your distribution channels

Central reservation system is basically putting all of the reservations that you get and collect it into one place. This means that you can find out which distribution channel that benefits you the most and vice versa. You will have the access to the statistic of which channel distribution that works the best for you. This will give you the insight on the best way to market your hotel. Matter of fact, why spending time being with a distribution channel that doesn’t give you benefit after all? Using the data, you can shift your marketing effort on the distribution channel that really works for you and leave the rest that doesn’t.

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Generating report is so much easier

The best thing about working with a central reservation system is that you can generate report easily from it. As all of your data are recorded digitally, generating report is as easy as a single click. When your marketing wants to look at the statistic data of reservation in one particular period of time, all you do is just clicking the button. This will save the fuss of collecting data manually and end up giving your staff more problems in doing it. And sure, these reports will be a valuable asset for your marketing plan as well, right?

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Easy and practical

Not only that your guest need a fast and effective service, technology also affect your distribution channel. If ten years ago distribution channel only means direct walk in, now you can find various other channels. OTA distribution is now a hot thing in hotel industry and you really can’t hide from that. This inspired some companies to develop a central reservation system that also integrated with channel manager system. It means that your central reservation system will be able to help you on handling check in process, you can even integrate your distribution channels with it. Imagine if you have various OTAs connected to your hotel without a proper hotel software. That must be frustrating for you to update the inventory in each OTA’s dashboard, right?

So, now that you understand the benefit of having a central reservation system on your hotel, will you get one?

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  • williamjamex

    The Central reservation framework is essentially putting the majority of the reservations that you get and gather it into one place. This implies you can discover which circulation channel that advantages you the most and the other way around. You will have the entrance to the measurement of which channel dispersion that works the best for you.

    August 18, 2017 - 2:11 pm Reply

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