Ways to Find the Best Channel Manager for Your Hotel (Part 2)

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After understanding about the fundamental of a good channel manager, now you can look at it deeper. In the previous article, we learnt that connection type, supply chain strategy, flexibility to connect to a new channel and the ability to simultaneously manage various channels are the critical criteria that you need to see in a channel manager. And now what else? What other criteria that you need to consider in finding the best channel manager for your hotel? In this article, Caption will give more criteria of a good channel manager to help you decide most suitable channel manager for your hotel.

  • Connected channels

When choosing a channel manager for your hotel, it’s critical to see the number of connected channels that it has. The ability to manage your rates and inventory across all of the channels is very important.

After all, the main point of having a channel manager is surely to help you to manage these things, right?

It’s also important to look into the numbers of available channels that can be handled by that channel manager. Generally, the more of the channels that available then the better. However, you also need to look inside your business’ need to avoid you from wasting your money to connect with channels that not prospectus.

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  • Numbers of access

Managing channels sometimes can be frustrating. It is common then for some hotels to dedicate a team to handle the management of channels in their distribution. For the most of the time, you need more than one people to manage everything and that would be more problem for you when access is restricted for some of them.

In finding the best channel manager for your hotel, it is crucial to find out how many people that can access the channel at the same time.

Make sure that the whole time have the access to the information that you have in your channel manager. It’s also better to have user levels to make sure that only certain people that can access critical information to avoid mishandling.

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  • Periods of time

When you have found the best channel manager for your hotel, the next thing you need to see is the period of time that can be handled by your channel manager. The basic logic for this is surely the stability of your business itself. The more data that you can manage, the more of the data that need to be sent our at once. And a good channel manager should be ready to handle such thing smoothly.

For example, you need to change the rate for the whole 20 days ahead in 10 channels with 4 room types and 2 rate plans per room type.

When we look closer to that, we actually need to change a lot of things at once. And sure, a good channel manager needs to be a able to handle such thing in a good hand.

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  • Event management

When you manage a hotel that offer venue for your guest to have an event, it is also important to have a channel manager that has the ability to mark event dates in the system. When you have a wedding at the weekend and you need to stop sell the hotel, it is critical to have a channel manager that can handle that with no fuss. The ability to mark a particular event and do a simultaneous change is critical to handle this.

  • Support and training

Last but not least, the support and training functionality is critical in finding the best channel manager for your hotel. That would be useless to pay so much money to be connected with a channel manager that have no reliable support and training. After-sales service is vital in a channel manager to make sure that every problem that you encounter in the future can be solved immediately without affecting your business.

So, what do you think? Does your channel manager has these abilities? If you’re still on the way to find the best channel manager for your hotel, make sure that the one that you choose has these criteria.

It is true that the help of channel manager for hotels can be very influential for modern hotel competition. But channel manager alone won’t help you boost your revenue all at once. Keep in mind that understanding your business is the very first thing that you need to do above all. That way, you won’t be wasting your budget investing in a wrong channel manager that doesn’t suits your business.



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