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5 Simple Hotel Promotion Strategy to Maximize Hotel Revenue

Competition within hospitality industry has become tougher over the years. The rapid development of new hotels makes competition to get market share more difficult than in the past. This condition even get more complicated because of the dynamic changes of travelers behavior; which now heavily depends on technology. To cope with this condition, hoteliers need […]

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Incredible Experience of Aldilla Hotel Trying Out Caption’s Products

The free trial promo that has been conducted by Caption Hospitality is indeed not just for marketing purpose. From this program, hotels can have the experience to use hotel system from Caption Hospitality for free. This program is the effort from Caption to introduce its product to modern hospitality industry. Not only in Yogyakarta area, […]

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Achieving Efficient Hotel Operation for your Property

In this tight and competitive hospitality industry, it is crucial to have efficient hotel operation. As hotel expenses are keep increasing, hotelier need to carefully manage their operation cost. Although most of hotel already have their hotel operation costing plan, it is always better to take time to reflect how efficient our operation cost. It […]

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Understanding Payment Gateway Fees for Small Hotels

It’s critical for small hotels to expand their business by developing and increasing their online presence upon the customers. It is the main gate to attract the global customer through the online distribution. The modern era requires hotel to be more adaptive with technology. Not only that they need that to cope with modern competition, […]

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